Japanese Tanks x5 (HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Med Tank)
Japanese Tanks x5 (HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Med Tank)
Japanese Tanks x5 (HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Med Tank)
Japanese Tanks x5 (HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Med Tank)
Japanese Tanks x5 (HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Med Tank)

Japanese Tanks x5 (HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Med Tank)

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Enjoy these custom-painted Japanese Tanks from Historical Board Gaming! Each pack contains 5 units.  Great for Axis and Allies, Global War, and other WWII- themed board games.  These sculpts are super detailed and no longer being sold so get them while you can!

Items are painted as they are ordered so please allow for 2 weeks for your order to be painted and shipped. Larger orders may take longer- but trust us it's worth the wait!

Quantity: Each pack contains 5 units

Sculpt: HBG Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank

Paint Job: Dark Green Base, mud effects added on tracks, weathering effects added, green wash

Decal: Japanese Flag

Why chose custom painted units?

  • Authenticity- All units are painted using historically-accurate paint jobs that are easily distinguishable on the board
  • Sculpts- The units that come with standard game don’t have nearly as much detail (and some aren’t even historically accurate... cough cough French T-34). We use super detailed sculpts from great suppliers like Field Marshall Games and Historical Board Gaming to add variety to the board.
  • House rules- Custom Painted units make it easy to designate special units like Heavy Bombers, Marines, and commander units.
  • Brag factor- you wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve heard, “The pieces were a huge hit”
  • Collect-ability- Custom Painted units transform your favorite board game into an heirloom that will be passed on and inspire love of the game for years to come.

Why choose our painted pieces?

  • Better paint- we like to stick to paint from reputable brands like Vallejo, Folk-art, and the Army War-painter. These paints apply smoothly and give the piece a uniform look.
  • Durability- Our pieces are primed, painted, and sealed two times!
  • Weathered look- Our pieces are finished with a wash that brings out the details in the sculpt.
  • Attention to detail- Whether it’s the tie on the Italian soldier, the magazine on a service rifle, or the handle of a Stielhandgranate we seek to bring out all the detail with paint.
  • Decals- we glue, lacquer, and seal each decal we apply. This means that it’s almost indistinguishable from the paint around it and will not fall off.
  • Level of service- Because we paint most of our pieces on demand we can make small tweaks to your order.