Axis and Allies Hit Dice (20 Pack)
Axis and Allies Hit Dice (20 Pack)

Axis and Allies Hit Dice (20 Pack)

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The thrill has set in and the tension is real, each move can either make it or break it. Add more punch to every attack with the Hit Dice. Allowing each player to combine their attacks into one movement, the game turns even more intense than ever. Watch as players call their shots, roll the dice and watch their fate unfold.
Each colored die features a balanced weight and adhesive dots on it which have been tested to last even through the most grueling of battles. Each dot represents a hit.

Number of dots:

● White Dice - 1 dots
● Green Dice - 2 dots
● Blue Dice - 3 dots
● Red Dice - 4 dots

How does it work?

With 4 individual colored dice, you can assign each die to a unit and allow for a combination attack with a single roll. No more waiting for individual rolls/attacks.
For example, imagine a battle involving 2 infantry, 5 tanks, and a bomber unit. Hit dice lets you roll 2 whites, 5 blues, and red at once and call battles quicker than ever.