The "Dean" Difference

Our mission is to provide you with the best product and experience possible.  There are a lot of painted pieces on the market, but we seek to be the benchmark by which the rest are compared.  Our materials, methods, and customer service are second to none.  Keep reading to learn why.


  • We only use Vallejo brand acrylic paints.  Vallejo paints apply smoother, don't hide the details, and make ugly brush strokes a thing of the past!
  • Each sculpt is meticulously inspected before painting.  We remove any excess plastic, sand the rough edges, and clean the pieces to ensure a quality seal.
  • We use the finest brushes on the market.  This allows us to make the smallest of details possible.
  • We use decals wherever possible to make sure that every aspect of your piece is perfectly uniform


  • Every piece is primed before painting to ensure a solid bond and increase durability.
  • Consistency- we have a vast amount of paint colors on hand.  Because of this we don't mix colors on a batch-by-batch basis.  This means the piece you order today will be the exact same color in a month when you reorder!
  • Our decal application process eliminates the ugly, shiny, off-colored border of the decal.  Meaning you can focus on the decal itself!
  • We use an airbrush whenever possible to ensure a perfectly even paint application.
  • All our paints are thinned so that the details of the sculpt still shine even after painting!
  • Each piece is dry-brushed and glazed to further bring out the detail in the piece and provide a subtle, aged look.

Customer Service

  • Accessibility- I'm available by phone, text, email, messenger, and more to answer your questions and provide progress updates.
  • Reference- We have an extensive collection of color reference photos to help you select your perfect camouflage, uniform design, or paint scheme
  • Customization- Is there something you want that isn't featured on our site? Shoot us a message and I'll put together an estimate for you!